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Title: Hot Tub Orgy
Rating: R
Words: 1147
Note: Graphic sex, sexy violence. Prompted by [ profile] mykindoftwisted.

Carla, Kimberly, and...the blonde one. He could never remember her name. They were his three best girls. Comparatively speaking. They weren't Circe or Stephie caliber, but they were reliable, obedient, and tough. He liked them tough. They didn't mind the fact that the hot tub was in the torture chamber. They didn't mind playing assistant to his inquisitor from the hot tub. And best of all, he owned them.

The blonde and Kimberly were on either side of him in the sunken hot tub. Carla sat on the floor behind Roman, massaging his shoulders while he sipped Chianti. The girls had worked their way through several bottles of Cristal and clonazepam. They were tipsy by now, their giggles echoing in the chamber over the intermittent groans from a hanging cage somewhere in the dark.

"This is the life, girls," Roman told them in what he meant to be an authoritative tone, but it came out much dreamier because of the wine.

"Good wine, beautiful women, that guy..." he gestured vaguely in the direction of the cage. The girls tittered.

The blonde reached down into the bubbly water and rubbed him playfully through the Hawaiian print swim trunks. Roman draped an arm around her affectionately.

"That's my girl," he encouraged happily.

She untied the trunks and took his penis in her hand. Kimberly leaned in and began kissing his neck. With his free hand, he reached around and loosened her bikini top, freeing her plentiful breasts. While she suckled his neck, he fondled her nipples, growing hard in the blonde's hand.

"Take off your suit and join us, Carla," he ordered the girl massaging his shoulders.

He watched, enthralled, as she sauntered into view and did a little striptease for him, rolling her hips and cupping her breasts. When she was completely naked, she stepped into the water opposite of him. He tweaked Kimberly's nipple and raised her head with a finger on her chin.

"It would give Daddy great pleasure to see you two get it on," he told her.

Kimberly scooted around the seat until she was next to Carla. They immediately began kissing, hands on each other's tits. The blonde glanced up at them, giggling.

"That is so hot, Romy," her voice grated in his ears. She turned to him, a greedy look on her face. "Can I kiss you like that?"

"No." Roman didn't take his eyes away from the two girls. Both of them were now fully nude and fingering the other. "But you can blow me if you're that eager to put your mouth to work."

With a naughty smile, the blonde inhaled deeply and plunged under the water, taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily, simultaneously swirling her tongue over the head. Roman had started to rock his pelvis in rhythm with her mouth when she popped up for air. He scowled and pushed her under again before she could fill her lungs. Her arms flailed, but the other two girls were too engrossed in each other to notice. Carla stopped struggling soon enough and Roman resumed the vigorous rhythm she had set, both hands tangled in her hair. He made a mental note to remove teeth in the future. Sighing, he pulled out and hoisted the blonde partly out of the hot tub, arranging her head on her arms on the floor as if she were sleeping.

"Blondie couldn't hold her liquor," Roman shrugged, sliding around to join the remaining girls.

"More of you for us then," Kimberly replied lustily, turning her attention to him.

She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him close to grind against his exposed erection. He chuckled low in his throat and squeezed her ass as he supported her lower body, pressing her against the wall of the hot tub. Carla climbed out of the hot tub, laid down some towels to cushion her playmate's arms so that as Roman knelt on the seat, Kimberly's upper body reclined on the floor of the chamber.

"Carla, sit on Kimberly's face," Roman instructed.

Carla straddled Kimberly's head, facing away from Roman. He snorted impatiently and brought his hand down on the back of her head.

"Facing me, hello," he rebuked, annoyed.

He was beginning to wonder if maybe he should have continued with the blonde when Kimberly's roving hand grabbed his dick eagerly, guiding it to her pussy. Roman needed no further encouragement. Kneading her buttocks roughly, he slammed into her. She moaned into Carla's vulva.

"Take it, baby," he grunted, watching Carla's tits bounce in time with his thrusts.

Kimberly had one hand on her breast while the other lazily stroked Roman's thigh, occasionally sweeping low to his balls. He leaned forward and caught one of Carla's nipples in his teeth. She gasping, clenching her vaginal muscles around Kimberly's tongue, but relaxed when Roman's tongue replaced his teeth. He lapped at the stiffened bud, causing her to give a pleasurable moan. From out of the dark, a pained groan echoed back.

"Hey, Mr. Rude, shut up, will ya? Can't you see I'm busy?" Roman yelled over the girls' moans. He continued thrusting into Kimberly, breathing heavily against Carla's tit. "You can have your turn when I'm finished, Jesus fuck."

He slammed hard against Kimberly's cervix. She squealed into Carla's folds. He dug his nails into her buttocks and pushed deeper. She squealed again in discomfort. Carla writhed against Kimberly's mouth, rolling her hips.

"Suck me, Kimmy," she panted, sliding her pussy over Kimberly's lips. Roman's tongue flicked over her nipples.

"Suck me, Kimmy," he taunted, pressure building at the base of his penis.

Carla's breath hitched and her eyes rolled back into her head. A breathy moan escaped her throat as she began to climax. Roman pumped violently and while she was distracted, he bit down on her nipple. Carla's moans of pleasure quickly rose to screams of pain as Roman's teeth met, severing the sensitive skin. He sucked on the bloody nipple in his mouth and came hard.

When he opened his eyes, Carla was staring down at the bloody, torn hole where her nipple had been. Roman pulled out of Kimberly, yanked up his swim trunks, and got out of the hot tub, towering over the two girls. He leered down at them and popped the nipple from between his teeth. It landed on Kimberly's stomach with a small splat.

"You two can take a break while I deal with Stumpy in Cage 2."

He held his hand to his mouth conspiratorially.

"Guy has no hands and right about now, I reckon he's got wood like you wouldn't believe. I'm gonna give him some relief and remove the problem."

He bent down to retrieve the bottle of Chianti, taking a swig as he walked into the darkness of the torture chamber.

"When I get back, we can start on the second course."

Date: 2010-04-14 03:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Also. I'm not sure why, but Roman calling the cage-dude Mr. Rude kind of killed me with joy and laughter. 8D

Date: 2010-04-14 03:35 am (UTC)
maskurbates: (Kiss the Inquisitor)
From: [personal profile] maskurbates
Hot tub orgy lololol

Mr. Rude is quite possibly my favorite part of this fic.

Date: 2011-01-20 11:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
People these days have no manners. Mr.Rude has a serious attitude problem that needs to be dealt with. Unless his eyes were gone and his eardrums punctured (possible), he has no excuse to interrupt them during their ~special time~.

Even then, STILL RUDE.

Date: 2011-01-20 06:23 pm (UTC)
maskurbates: (Electrocuting some guy in my swim trunks)
From: [personal profile] maskurbates
He was jelus.


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