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Title: Black Lantern Black Mask
Rating: PG-13
Words: 387
Note: Black Lantern Black Mask as requested by [ profile] ilikeeggplant. I know the title's terrible, fuck you.

The giant Venus flytrap closed over his head.


"Whaddaya think I'm trying to do, ya stupid ring?"

He kicked with a corpse leg at the slick plant wall. Thick fluids oozed over his foot, rapidly digesting the limb.

"Whoa, what the fuck? Let go!"

He tried to yank his leg away and in doing so, fell back against the opposite wall. The fluids seeped over his shoulders, eating away at the already rotting flesh.


"Yeah, yeah, 'feed me, Seymour.' Hah. Gotta love the irony, you asshole."

He pulled away from the wall he was leaning on, the ring rebuilding flesh and uniform as fast as the plant dissolved them. He was floating in the center of the plant, carefully avoiding its inner walls when a thick stream of the juice dropped on him from above, swiftly eroding his head.

"Ow ow, Jesus fuck! Burning, shit there goes my eyes, aw hell, not my jaw! I need tha-"

The plant's acids had reached his sternum before the ring managed to combat them, swiftly reconstructing Roman's body. As soon as his mouth reappeared, he began shouting.

"Samurai sword, go! I'm gonna get you, firecrotch, and your little clown girl too!"

He sliced through the plant's sturdy walls with the sword construct, creating a large enough hole to squeeze through. He was halfway out when the plant chomped down his legs.

"Oh, come on! Lemme go, you son of a bitch."

With a loud sucking noise, Roman pulled free without his legs. In a panic, he grabbed below the belt.

"Whoa, whew, still got my junk."

He looked around the desolate area: he was in Slaughter Swamp.

"Oh, hell yes, the old drop off-"


Roman scowled at the ring.

"Alright, alright, I get the picture. Heaaaaaaaaaaaaarts," he groaned, rolling his eyes.

He rose above the swamp, his legs fully formed again. As he flew towards Gotham, he talked.

"First, clown girl and her pet plant, even if the bitch is bitter. Then for the entree, I'll have the fear marinated heart of Kitty, with or without that damned kid sister...oh baby, what have we here?"


Crouched on a rooftop, green and blue, Roman would recognize those hips anywhere. He chuckled sinisterly, the laughter carrying to her. The figure immediately turned yellow.


"Oooh, Steeeeephieeeeeeee..."

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