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Title: Punishments
Rating: R
Words: 1490
Note: Sex. Set sometime shortly before the death of Roman's parents.

He always ordered her not to wear panty-hose; he wanted her to flaunt her toned legs for him. In the winter, when the cold necessitated them, he insisted on thigh highs and garters. The thought of her upper thighs naked under the secretarial pencil skirts drove him wild.

He also discouraged panties. Sometimes she tried to fool him by wearing a thong, but he would inevitably discover her deception, whether pressing his hand upon her ass when standing behind her, or brazenly lifting her skirt when he thought no one was looking.

"For my - our - convenience," he'd told her at the beginning of their secret affair. She'd giggled coyly and acquiesced to his desires.

One afternoon, instead of heading home, he hid under her desk, waiting for the office to clear out. His father had left hours earlier, leaving only a few accountants who were finishing up. Impatient, he ran a hand up her bare leg, lightly tickling her inner thigh just above the knee. She made a squeak and closed her legs, trapping his hand. He gave her calf a sharp, reprimanding pinch.

Wedging his other hand between her knees, he parted her legs and began stroking her thighs, edging higher. She slid down in her seat a little, facilitating his reach. He kissed her calf in approval, running a finger along her exposed lips. Her legs relaxed and she opened them wide for him. He sucked on his finger to wet it, and returned it to her pussy, now circling her clit. Resting his head against her thigh, he inhaled her scent, feeling his cock twitch.

She quietly gasped when he pushed two fingers into her, and he bit her thigh in warning, leaving a quickly forming bruise. She knew the rules of the game: any sound she uttered would result in a punishment once everyone else had left. He finger-fucked her, curling his fingers forward, while with the other hand he massaged her clit. He knew her nipples would now be erect and she would be dying for him to tease them with her tongue.

He paused, pulling her legs toward him to bring her onto the edge of her seat. He pushed the skirt up to her hips and placed his head between her thighs, his hot breath on her pussy causing her to shiver with desire. He flicked his tongue teasingly over her clit, not enough pressure to give her what she wanted. She sighed in frustration and he grinned, pulling away.

"Here are the invoices for last quarter," he heard the voice of one of the accountants.

Take his cue, he pressed his lips against hers and began vigorously swirling his tongue against her clit.

"Th-thanks, Marvin," she choked out, her voice tremulous.

There was a pause as the accountant presumably looked at her queerly. Roman took the opportunity to insert three fingers.

"Are you ok, Circe?"

Roman sucked on her clit, his fingers thrusting.

"Yes," she said, over eagerly.

Roman stifled a snicker and gently nipped at her labia.

"Goodnight then."

When the office door had closed, Roman pulled away and shoved Circe's rolling chair, climbing out from under the desk and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Circe's face was flushed, the top buttons of her blouse undone. He sat on the edge of her desk, licking his lips.

"Decided to show Marv your tits, did you?"

Circe smirked at him, her legs still wide and her pussy dripping. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, revealing no bra.

"You're cute when you're jealous," she toyed, tossing the shirt at him.

She stood up and moved between his legs, taking his mouth roughly with hers. He put one hand to her breast and cupped her ass with the other while they kissed. She unbuttoned his trousers, exposing his rigid cock and squeezing it between her palms. He sighed appreciatively into her mouth, then pulled away, his hands twisting in her hair. He yanked her head down to his groin.

"First punishment. Now get sucking."

She eagerly took his length into her mouth. First, she stroked the shaft with long swipes of her tongue, alternating by swirling it around the head. With a groan, he pressed down on her head, forcing her to deep throat him. She bobbed up and down, too rapidly, and he stopped her, panting a little.

"That's enough for now, baby, or else I won't make it to the main event."

Circe pouted, rising to kiss his neck.

"Then make me come, darling," she wheedled, unbuttoning his shirt.

Roman leered at her and hopped off the desk. He lifted her up onto it and knelt before her, positioning her legs over his shoulders. He fondled her nipples while lapping at her pussy, her moans echoing loudly in the empty office. He gave her a particularly hard tweak and she shuddered against his mouth, her fingers curling in his hair. She thrust her pelvis at him, and, encouraged, he suckled her clit forcefully, pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her moans were beginning to rise to shrieks when he ceased his efforts.

"Second punishment," he told her with a cruel smile.

A whine rose in her throat and grabbed her neck, squeezing it warningly.

"I should tack another on for that, Circe," he murmured into her throat, biting her tender flesh. "Now bend over."

She slid from his grasp and off the desk, leaning over it and presenting herself to him. He slapped her ass and placed his cock at her slick entrance, teasing her with its velvet head. She squirmed, looking over her shoulder at him.

"Hurry up, Romy," she complained.

He snickered, stroking her clit with his thumb.

"Patience, Circe."

With a cry of frustration, she pushed back against him, spearing herself on his dick. He grunted and smacked the back of her head, quickly pulling out. Then he slammed her head onto the desk, holding her face down on the papers.

"You're going to pay for that, you insufferable bitch," he growled, giving her pussy an open handed slap.

She panted heavily, wiggling her hips at him.

"Yes, Daddy," she breathed, snaking a hand up to fondle her breast.

When he moved his hand from her head to her hip, she knew to stay down. Her eyes half-closed, she licked her open mouth wantonly. He suddenly plunged himself into her, causing her to gasp out. He moved with long, slow thrusts, his cock almost exiting her pussy. She moaned loudly with abandon.

"Fuck me hard, Daddy," she murmured, blissed out.

His fingernails dug into her hips painfully.

"Only if you beg. Tell me how much you want my fat cock, you filthy whore."

The words inspired a shiver of delight in her.

"I need your dick, Daddy; it's all I think about. I can't concentrate at work because I'm daydreaming about you taking me in front of the whole office," she moaned, her body rocking as his pace increased. "Sometimes I get so hot that I have to finger myself under the desk."

Roman groaned, slamming into her.

"You're so tight, baby," he panted, rubbing a thumb over her clit.

She squealed, her pussy clenching around his cock.

"Please, Daddy...more."

He grinned down at her and stroked with more pressure.

"Anything for you, little girl."

Her wordless moans rose in desperation and her hips bucked. She thrust her pelvis into his hand.

"Faster, please," she whimpered, biting her lip.

As she neared climax, her vaginal muscles tensed, pulling his cock deeper into her pussy. He gave an excited groan, and with his free hand, he fumbled for the stapler, opening it up.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm coming," her moans now shrieks.

Spurred on, he thrust into her furiously, relishing the sensation of her pussy clenching and unclenching as the orgasm flowed through her. When her screams died down to satisfied squeaks, he removed his hand, placing it back on her ass. He pumped his hips wildly, his balls pulling up.

"Scream, Circe baby," he grunted, needing to hear her.

Complacent, she gave a breathy moan. He set the cold stapler against her butt cheek.

"Scream for Daddy," he ordered, pressing down on it.

Her shriek was sincere this time. He threw the stapler aside and picked out the staple embedded in her skin, causing screams anew. She bucked him.

"What are you doing, you crazy asshole?"

Roman held on tight, fucking her roughly.

"Punishment three, babe," he grunted coldly.

He slapped the wound on her ass, eliciting another scream from her. Scarlet blood welled up from it, bright against her creamy skin. With a groaned, he rammed her cervix and came. He fell over her back, panting on her cheek and peppering it with kisses. She turned her mouth to him, kissing his lips with her eyes lidded.

"I love you, baby," he murmured, stroking her hair.

She sighed contentedly.

"I know."
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