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Title: Out with the Old
Rating: R
Words: 2331
Note: Noncon with Stephie. Probably considered AU since this never happened, at least not outside of Roman's fantasies. For [ profile] per_tinacious.

Out with the Old )
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Title: Andriy Babich
Rating: R
Words: 1989
Note: Graphic torture. Set around the arrival of Red Hood in Gotham.

Andriy Babich )
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Title: Punishments
Rating: R
Words: 1490
Note: Sex. Set sometime shortly before the death of Roman's parents.

Punishments )
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Title: Biology
Rating: PG-13 (I guess?)
Words: 1291
Note: Violent fantasies, descriptions not for the squeamish. Suggested by my 12 year old brother, of all people.

Biology )
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Title:, Part II
Rating: R
Words: 923
Note: Sequel to, Part II )
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Title: Ut Se Mori Sentiat
Rating: R
Words: 2900
Note: Graphic, sexy torture. Prompted by [ profile] mykindoftwisted.

Ut Se Mori Sentiat )
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Rating: R
Words: 2106
Note: Roman/Stephanie, I guess...yeah, I know. Dedicated to all the Stephie muns who might be reading. )
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Title: Black Lantern Black Mask
Rating: PG-13
Words: 387
Note: Black Lantern Black Mask as requested by [ profile] ilikeeggplant. I know the title's terrible, fuck you.

Black Lantern Black Mask )
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Title: Hot Tub Orgy
Rating: R
Words: 1147
Note: Graphic sex, sexy violence. Prompted by [ profile] mykindoftwisted.

Hot Tub Orgy )
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Title: Changing of the Guard
Rating: R
Words: 1661
Note: I'm pretty sure this is considered necrophilia. Prompted by [ profile] per_tinacious.

Changing of the Guard )
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Title: Circe
Rating: R (just barely)
Words: 900
Note: Naughty words and "adult situations".

Circe )
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Title: Floor Six
Rating: R
Words: 2343
Note: Sex, dub-con.

Floor Six )
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Title: Number 10
Rating: R
Words: 3826
Note: Graphic torture.

Number 10 )
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Title: Spanish Tickler
Rating: XXXXX (that's a rating, right?)
Words: 2868
Note: Extremely graphic sex and torture. Dedicated to [ profile] magda_lene.

Spanish Tickler )


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